june 2005-2

photo by Sam Judge

Sculpture of Lady and Girl: created and sculptured by Sinclair Hamilton

On May 19, 1992, the Hancock Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10502, one of the smallest in the state with only 45 members, voted to start the Hancock War Memorial Project. Initially this project was considered in January 1948 by the Hancock Veterans Committee. Unfortunately, the committee was disbanded due to lack of funds and inadequate location. After several years of planning the official groundbreaking for the project took place in July 1998. The monument honors nearly 900 veterans from World War I through the Persian Gulf, with special monument naming Civil War Veterans. To date, the cost of the monument is $100,000 - $55,000 of which was paid by the V.F.W. Post with the remaining $45,000 coming from individuals, businesses and civic groups. The Hancock Veterans of Foreign War Post 10502 has established a Trust Fund for perpetual care and future improvements for the monument. Donations can be mailed to the Hancock War Memorial Committee, c/o Vickie Hott, Treasurer, 131 East Main Street, Hancock, Md 21750



Dedication of the completed Veterans Memorial took place in Widmeyer Park, Hancock, Md on Veterans Day, 11 November 2000. The ceremony officially unveiled the memorial honoring veterans who enlisted from Hancock or current residents that served in the military. An estimated crowd of more than 500 persons listened to speakers commemorating the occasion. Mayor Dan Murphy said "This is an awesome undertaking. A grateful Town says Thank you". Post Commander Bob McCusker stated that "This has been in my thoughts for more than 30 years". Fellow VFW member Dan Fleming and Bob McCusker were the prime movers for this project but Fleming gave most of the credit to Bob McCusker who assembled the names, awarded contracts, helped raise the funds, and contributed the design. State Senator Donald Munson was impressed with the turnout and the impressive monument saying, "All these people, all this energy, turning our for this patriotic cause and the freedom we have today is because of our veterans - that people might forget that is not a problem here". Washington County Commissioner, Paul Swartz called the memorial "a job well done - one of the nicest in the state of Maryland, if not the nicest". And Reverend Edward L James, from Grace Christian Fellowship Presbyterian Church, summed up the contribution of the veterans in the invocation - "Freedom is not free", he said.


Robert "Bob" McCusker

Photo by Debbie Cohill

Daniel "Dan" Fleming

Photo By Terry Hepburn

Front-Center of Monument

The American Eagle in his inspiring grandeur is the symbol of our heritage as the eagle soars through the vast sky with endless freedom and total power we are reminded of the pride we find living in this country based on freedom, equality and justice for all under God



Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of U.S. - Hancock Memorial Post


Hancock, Maryland

Robert C. McCusker-Post Commander



We shall remember our veteran's sacrifices and honor their valor. Their names will live forevermor



Sculptor's work placed at Veterans Memorial

An original bronze sculpture by a local sculptor Sinclair Hamilton was erected by the sculpture and dedicated at the Veterans Memorial in Widmeyer Park on Veteran's Day, 11 November 2004. It is a bronze statute of a woman and a child. The little girl is pointing toward the wall with veteran's names on it while looking back at the woman. An artist who came to Hancock from Washington D.C. area, Hamilton lives and has his sculpture studio in the old People's Bank building at 24 West Main Street, in Hancock.