Photographs by Sam Judge


Hi Hancock Promoters,
My photo exhibit "Promote Hancock" will be on display at the War Memorial Library starting Sept. 13. I hope you check it out, maybe at the upcoming Canal Apple event, enjoy it, and tell your friends about it. The first twelve photos in this album will be shown, along with a photo book I recently put together online. Presently the Arts Council and the W. M. Library are sponsors of the exhibit - other civic/business organizations that may want to be involved can contact me. All photos displayed were taken this summer in Hancock except the fall scene was taken in 2005. Any group, organization or person can use the photos to promote Hancock - No charge, just please credit me with the photos and captions. If you need them in a CD format for reproduction, advertising, powerpoint presentations, postcards, website or other display to promote tourism or encourage new business - Let me know.
Thanks to those who have provided input and encouragement for this project.

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