Hancock Historical Society

94th Regular Meeting-April 29, 2012

Town Hall

The 94th regular meeting of the Hancock Historical Society was held on April 29, 2012 at the Town Hall.  The meeting was presided over by President Don Corbett.  Those in attendance were:  Marilyn Walls, Frank Davison, Donnie and Jeanie Corbett,  Ron and Carolyn Barkdoll, Bill and Darlene Smith, Mary Avella, Jackie Flowers, Jim and Starla Ward, Mac Elser, Marian Golden, Lily Wolford, Tracy Salvagno, Rita Bauman, Les and Mary Ann Golden, Wayne Keefer, Aura McCusker, Curt Gaul, Vickie Vann, Theresa Van Der Bos and Chris Shoemaker. A total of 26 members and friends were in attendance.  There was a motion made by Starla Ward to dispense with the reading of the minutes, it was seconded by Chris Shoemaker. The motion was passed.

Old Business:

Don passed around the workers schedule for the museum, there were still several dates open.  The audit report is completed and will be ready for the next meeting.  Don announced this year’s corporate sponsorships:  CNB Bank, Hancock Truck Stop, Little Orleans Campground, Roland’s Garage, Potomac Auto Parts and Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine.  Angie Hager resigned from the board effective March 29th.  We now have from 1975-2010 Hancock News on cd.

New Business:

Don passed a list around for Hancock and Southern Fulton yearbooks along with senior pictures that were needed.  March 18th at 7:00 the Alpine Civil War Roundtable will open up again.  The July 29th meeting will have a presentation about “Jason’s Helmet”.  The October 28th meeting will be a potluck dinner.  Wayne presented a display for the Historical Society that was purchased after pursuing a grant of $1000.00.  The display details the history of the town and will be able to be displayed by individuals of the group at various functions around the county.  Don announced the new officers and the changes made to the Board of Directors.  Don asked the group what they thought about having a Christmas open house, which would include both museums and the Toll House.  Everyone in attendance agreed that it was a good idea.  The idea was brought up to have a picture of the upstairs of the Toll House set up downstairs for anyone who could not make it up the steps.  The group agreed that this was needed.  Marian and Jeanie are to bring refreshments to the next meeting.  The meeting was adjourned by a motion from Chris Shoemaker and seconded by Don Corbett.  The group turned the floor over to Curt Gaul and William  Bowman who spoke about the history of the Bowles House.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Shoemaker



Hancock Historical Society

93rd Regular Meeting – October 30, 2011

 The 93nd regular meeting of the Hancock Historical Society was held  Sunday, October 30,2011 at the Hancock Community Center at 2:15 p.m. The meeting was presided over by President Don Corbett.

Those in attendance were:  Ron & Carol Barkdoll, Starla & Jim Ward ,Dan & Debbie Murphy, Don  & Jeanie Corbett, Mary Ann Golden, Bun & Peggy True, Marilyn Walls, Ross Cook, Sam Judge, Mary Avella, Vickie Vann, Aura McCusker, Evelyn Roman, Ernest Shives, William Canappy ?, Jill Craig,, Marian Golden, & Marilyn Pontius.  A total of 23 members and friends were in attendance.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Starla Ward and were approved on a motion by Ernest Shives, seconded by Marian Golden.

Old Business:

President Don Corbett reported:

- A collection of Hancock and Southern Fulton High school class pictures has been started. A list was circulated of the years we need. We are also looking for Hancock High School year books. 1943 was not published due to World War II.

-Museum workdays coming up are November 10 and December 8 from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

-A table will be set up in front of the Hancock Visitor’s Center during the Canal Apple Days parade to sell merchandise.

-A huge thank you was extended to Peggy & Bun True, Marian Golden, and Jeanie Ward for their work and operation of our Visitor’s Center.

-Volunteers are needed to staff the center . Please see Marian Golden regarding the training program that is available.

-The 2012 Museum schedule was circulated. Volunteers are still needed to open the museum on the second and fourth Sunday of the month from April to October. The museum will not be open on Easter or Mother’s Day.

-Concern was expressed regarding a charge of $60.00 from the Wash. Co. division of Emergency Services for false security alarm visits. The matter will be further investigated.

New Business:

-President and author, Don Corbett, announced the availability of a new Christmases Past book now available and for sale  ($8.48 each).

-Mayor Dan Murphy reported on the upcoming Battle of Hancock Sesquicentennial Commemoration.

Our organization is planning to sponsor an essay contest for school students in conjunction with this commemoration.

-Starla Ward reported on the second Holiday House Tour coming up November19 and 20.

Committee: Chris Shoemaker, Rebecca Shoemaker, Jackie Flowers, Susie Hinckle, Barb Hinckle, Wayne Keefer, Angie Hager, Mary Avella, Tracy Salvagno.

On tour: Flint’s Chance, Heller home, Hook’s Mill, Home of Jessie Mills, Hancock Presbyterian Church, 1828 Trail Inn B & B, Hancock Visitor’s Center, and the Bowles House will be open as well.

 Mary Avella is looking for volunteers to bake cookies for the event.

-Pictures of recent events were circulated and shared.

Our next meeting will be April 29, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. at the community center.

Our guest speakers were introduced. Marilyn Pontius and Jill Craig from the Washington County Free Library system. Marilyn manages our War Memorial Library.

Debbie Murphy presented Marilyn a gift, the original program of the library’s dedication that was obtained from Mr. Daniel Fleming’s estate.

Door prize winners: Jeanie Corbett and Mary Avella won tickets to the upcoming home tour. Mary Ann Golden won a copy of Don’s new book, Christmases Past.

Refreshments were enjoyed.

The meeting adjourned at 3:31 p.m.

Recorded  by  Starla Ward, Vice President



Hancock Historical Society

88th Regular Meeting – October 25, 2009
Town Hall

The 88th regular meeting of the Hancock Historical Society was held Sunday, October 25, 2009 at Town Hall.  The meeting was presided over by President Don Corbett.

Those in attendance were: Leo Murray, Jim & Starla Ward, David & Suzanne Elliott, Pat Cohill, Jackie Flowers, Mary Avella, Chris Shoemaker, Nigel Dardar, Nancy Ayers, Linda Hixon, Tom Ayres, Dan & Debbie Murphy, Don & Jeanie Corbett, Marilyn Walls, Frank Davison, Jim Keefer, Marian Golden, Blanche Sowers, Wayne Keefer, Lydia Manning, Bob Shives, Betty Ditto, Sandy Duke, Ernest Shives, and Leslie & Mary Ann Golden.  A total of 30 members and friends joined us for the meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Secretary Wayne Keefer and approved on a motion by Ernest Shives, seconded by Pat Cohill.

A drawing to be held at the conclusion of the meeting was announced.  Everyone was asked to sign up before names were drawn.

Old Business:

At the recent Woodmont Open House the museum sold $170.00 worth of merchandise.  We were pleasantly surprised with what we sold.

Sales during both days of Canal Apple Days totaled $55.00.  It was discussed that we may not set up a stand at next years’ Canal Apple Days.  If we are able to make the move to Main Street, we will just set up a stand there.

The Balance of The Hancock News has been transferred to CD-Rom and will be available view research and viewing at the museum.  We will continue with the 2009 newspapers at the end of the year and continue with this project annually.

The potential move to Main Steet was discussed.  The Town of Hancock currently has items from Sideling Hill at this location and is seeking support from the State of Maryland for the operation of a visitor’s center in the adjacent space offered to the museum.  It is possible that museum can be staffed by those running the new Main Street Sideling Hill Visitor’s Center.

Jeanie Corbett mentioned the community is under the impression the entire museum is moving.  This is not the case.  Only some of the major items will be transferred to the Main Street location.  The library and many of the display cases of the items will remain at their current location in Town Hall.  President Don Corbett stated the museum will maintain its current 100 year rent free lease in the basement of Town Hall.

Don Corbett mentioned a set of rules for museum volunteers as to what visitors can and cannot access and what can be taken from the library room.  Please see Jeanie Corbett for these rules.

New Business

Holiday House Tour
An update on the House Tour committee was given by Vice-President Starla Ward.  Starla Ward also chairs this committee.  First, the drawing was conducted for two prizes.  Each prize was a free ticket to the Hancock Holiday House Tour.  Prize winners were: Jeanie Corbett and Jim Keefer.

The dates and time for the Holiday House Tour has been set for Saturday November 21st and Sunday November 22nd from 1-5pm both days.  Homes to be included are: Foxcroft, Flint’s Chance, The Taney House, 1828 Trail Inn B&B, The Methodist Church, The Episcopal Church, The Good Samaritan House, The Toll House, and The Hancock Museum.

Ticket sales were also kicked off and members were asked to try and sell ten tickets each.  Tickets may also be obtained by calling Marian Golden at 301-678-6308, Starla Ward at 301-790-1648, from Angie Hager at Tower Bank in Hancock, or Wayne Keefer at CNB Bank, Inc. in Berkeley Springs, WV.

Other New Business
A board meeting will be held in early November.  One topic to be discussed is the election of officers.  Nominations are needed for two board members with 5 year terms. The current terms will expire soon.

Christmas is coming and the museum has several items available for sale.

It was noted of the passing of Jean Bodie, a long time member of the Hancock Historical Society.  Condolences were sent to her family.

Condolences were also given to Bob (Board of Trustees member) and Aura McCusker (member) for the passing of their grandson.

Councilman Nigel Dardar presented an idea he and others are discussing on rehabilitating the former Teddy Bear Café, Hancock Bank, and Merkle buildings.  He has been in contact and met with the owner of the building and is in the works of finding cost estimates for remodeling and arranging for a feasibility study.  Possible funding could come from philanthropic donors.  He mentioned the exterior architecture is beautiful and should not be left to further deteriorate.  The museum was asked to support the potential revitalization to its historic character.

Refreshments were provided by Mary Ann Golden and Marilyn Walls.  Refreshments for our next meeting will be provided by Debbie Murphy and Marian Golden.

No Guest Speaker

Suggestions and/or ideas for guest speakers are needed and would be appreciated.  Please call the museum at 301-678-7377 (leave message) or email: hancockhistoricalsociety@gmail.com if you have any proposals.

Members did enjoy discussing several old photographs in pictures albums owned by the Historical Society.  The discussion was led by Marian Golden.  The buildings in the Hancock Historical Society logo were identified and commented on by members.  Pictures were also shown of a Dr. Webster who was a physician.  He also served as minister of the Presbyterian Church and was the first scout master in Hancock.


footnote: Numerous books pertaining to the Hancock area, old postcards of Hancock, Medallions, envelopes-stamped & dated, and many pictures of the Hancock area are available in the museum at very reasonable prices